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    Powerful artwork with masterfully expressed motion even in the abstract paintings. Gorgeous palette in vibrant colors and incredible depth. Exquisite fine art, original oil paintings.

         Atlanta Opera Cover Arrtist - performance with SEFoS at Woodruff Art Center; Atlanta, GA; cover artist
         Atlanta Ballet - featured ballet artwork with Atlanta Ballet; Atlanta, GA
         Artist Highlights Larissa Makeeva - at NYC/Hamptons Resident; New York, NY
         Artist Profile Larissa Makeeva, - at Affluent Art Collector ; New York, NY
         Collectors - collectors include hotels, Cellbone cosmetics company, elite athletes, professional dancers, private and corporate collectors

    Artist Statement

    Having gained much insight into many different cultures of Northern Europe, Central Asia, and North America, I feel that my work has been greatly inspired by endless celebration of life.

    Oil on canvas is the medium I use for most of my work.

    Art allows me to bring out the character of rivers, forests, clouds, cities, and people; to capture the surrounding world manifesting itself in the desire to live, love, and create.

    Larissa Makeeva  photo by Seth Ruff


    Original oil paintings by artist Larissa Makeeva.
    Fine Art - abstract, contemporary, modern & traditional.
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